Cranberry Almond Biscotti Dress

Intro and Inspiration

This post will be the first post about my civil war ensemble…I will break it up into chunks because I only work on it in big areas and then leave it for a while-mostly because my schoolwork takes precedent. I got the fabric and trims of this project during Feb of 2015 while I was on vacation in California (ikr I live in NYC-the heart of the Garment Industry and I go all the way to LA to buy fabric…I’m crazy) and I knew it would be perfect for a Civil War Camp Dress. So because I needed to have this fabric and I didn’t wanna pass it up…I bought 12 yards of it forgetting that I would have to pack it in my bags to go home. I ended up saying screw it and I shipped it home which meant that I had free reign to buy even more fabric  which will make appearances later on.

It a beautiful maroon and oatmeal plaid, lightweight yet sturdy and 100% Cotton. It’s slightly rough to the touch on the back and semi-polished on the front but I’m not worried because it will be worn over several undergarments.

To go over it I bought 2 trims, a wide and a narrow. They are both 100% Cotton crocheted trim in the same oatmeal color as the fabric’s stripes. I bought 2 yards of each and I want the wide one at the collar and the narrow one at the cuffs. I might have my uncle buy and ship me a medium width one for the bonnet and apron because the narrow is too small for ties.

I chose the skirt design and I am still working designing the bodice, blouse, and apron. The skirt will be separate so it can be worn with a blouse and apron/fichu or the bodice.  The skirt, bodice, and apron will be in the plaid and the blouse will be a solid maroon with oatmeal piping at the seams and details.

It will be loosely based off this design which I happened to find after planning it all out when looking for a fichu pattern.


It will be worn over a chemise, drawers, corset, cage crinoline, hoop slip, and a ruffled petticoat as well as stockings and boots. I will make a matching bonnet but I have no millinery skills ever so it will be a trial and error process. I will have posts about all of these as I make them too. 

So now that I have started to name my costumes I have officially dubbed this the Cranberry Almond Biscotti Dress. I was struggling so hard to find a name for this ensemble-one that fit the colors and sounded nice while not being tedious to say. I was going crazy until we were having dessert and my Nana had brought pastries from the Italian bakery down the block. Being me I was stuffing my face with cranberry almond biscotti when I was like holy cow this is it-this is what I will name the Civil War Ensemble.

I have the skirt started so the next post for this costume will be about that and I will post the update on that when I finish it…probably the start of the week because this snow will keep me in my house for days.

Until then, be safe and enjoy the snow!



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