Cranberry Almond Biscotti Dress- Skirt Part 2

Finishing Touches

Now that I finally have a delicious name-it’s time to finish the skirt. I got my buttons from Mood in the city-they are a brassy color that I love with a really nice design in a unique oval shape. I bought a ton for the bodice, blouse, fichu, cape and skirt so they would all match and I think they go amazingly with the dress.12751212_1673795766218260_1387776532_n

I am terrified of machine buttonholes because whenever I do them they look horrible and also they are not period correct-so I will be doing them all by hand. I sat down in front of my computer with some scrap fabric and embroidery floss from my bracelet making days and practiced buttonholes for hours and hours. It took me almost a week of constant stitching to get them workable and when I finally got 5 in a row that were ok-I got to work on the single buttonhole on the skirt.

I got matching maroon floss and marked a hole big enough for the button and went to work. When that was all sewn up I just attached the button to the other side of the opening and voila-a functional closure. It’s not as pretty as I hoped-the layers of the waistband were a lot thicker than the scrap cottons I used…but it will be covered by the button and the rest of the ensemble so no big worries.

Lastly-I felt the skirt was a little plain so I took he narrow lace trim and hand whip-stitched it right under the waistband. It looked fine but it kept flipping up, so I decided to then hand sew every little loop down so it laid flat. After that nightmare I deemed the skirt 100% done.

Now it is onto the rest of the costume which sadly will be put on the back-burner while I work on my other costume-The Tudor Ensemble (still needs a name).


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