Tudor Gown-Intro

Finally-the illustrious Tudor Gown will begin. I have had this design for almost 2 years now and I finally have enough resources to begin. I want to share a secret about this project-I am absolutely terrified. I am investing so much money on this project-I still have stuff to buy but I’m estimating it will clock in around $500-600, maybe more. The fabrics for the kirtle and gown alone cost $260 and that’s after I haggled the price down. But they are beautiful and I love them and my dad paid so its ok.

The whole ensemble will consist of chemise, stockings, kirtle, gown, foresleeves, oversleeves, French Hood, and jewelry. Yeah, I know it’s a lot but I’m super excited (despite my terror) because this is going to be the largest project I have ever taken on.

So onto the fabric-which is amazing!!! Like seriously I’m in awe of all the fabrics.

Linen for the chemise-it’s a beautiful white, lightweight linen and it’s so soft. I got about 6+ yards I think and it’s 60″ so I will probably have enough to make a detachable collar and pair of cuffs that will be embroidered with black-work. It was like $10.00/yard but I paid around $35 for it because I took the last cut, and I know the store owner so he gladly knocked it down into my price rang to just finish off the bolt. Its a bit wrinkled but no stains or damages so It was all good and I just have to spend a while pressing it.

So the kirtle fabric is a 110″ silk taffeta in a stunning bronze color. I only got 4 yards of this because it’s double with and it was $13/yard. It’s about medium weight so perfect for the skirt but I might have to flatline the kirtle bodice so some extra stiffness.

The real killer on my budget was the silk brocade for the gown. It was originally  $26/yard and I needed 12. $300  was just too much and I could not justify it. I was so sad I kinda started crying a bit. But after lots of haggling and agreeing to pay cash, plus a shout-out here to the store, the owner knocked it down to $16/yard so I got all 12 yards for $200 no tax. So thank you so so much to Eric Gerdes and his wife Henriette of Fabric City Inc. in Corona. This was my fourth time shopping there and I have always left happy so I will keep coming back as often as I can.

I have yet to find fabric for my stockings but I’m looking for a silk jersey in the copper color so they match the rest of the underpinnings. I also need to find silk organza for the french hood and the sleeve puff, and fur for the oversleeves. Plus I haven’t bought any of the pearls or beads. I definitely need some cheap fabric for my mock-ups plus the boning, lining, and all the other notions like thread, floss, trims and anything extra.








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