The Tudor Gown-Pattern

My work has just begun as my pattern has arrived from the wonderful Margo Anderson of Margo Anderson’s Historic Costume Patterns. I purchased the Tudor Lady’s Wardrobe Pattern and holy crap it’s huge. I did all my prep work while watching the Tudors on Netflix.

cover art

The instruction manual is over 100+ pages and is highly detailed-I cannot wait to sit down and just read through it.

It came on tissue pattern paper in three bundles-each holding 2-3 sheets of pattern pieces. These sheets were so large I couldn’t even use my table to lay them out so I did it on my living room floor.

I had to figure out some way of organizing all the pieces so I cut, sorted, and labeled all the pattern pieces for each of the garments in Ziploc’s.  I used a 3-hole punch to put those Ziploc’s in the back of my binder. Each Ziploc was labeled with the name of the pattern (Tudor Lady’s Wardrobe) as well as the number and title of what the pieces made-ex. 5 was the number for all of the pieces used for the partlet so that bag was labeled as such. When I put them all in they fit-but it’s too thick so I gotta run to Staples and get a wider binder.

After this, I needed a break so I put it to the side before I did the next step. They were all pressed and fused onto Pelon interfacing that I bought from Jo~Anne’s. It was a nightmare trying to get them all stiffened and cut out on the largest cutting line so I still have use of all pattern sizes- but I did it. Plus, they interfacing is stiff enough that the pattern doesn’t wobble or rip but it still folds flat neatly to get back in the bags.

I have yet to start cutting anything out of fabric but it will probably have to wait until I start my Edwardian Riding Habit which I will update on by the end of the week.



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