Fabric Haul

So I went to the Garment District last week and now that I have all my crap together and sorted I thought it would be a good idea to make a post about the things I got. My plans ended getting messed up and I realized I left all my cash at home. I only pay cash when I go to stores except Mood, Elegance, and a few other select stores that don’t haggle. If the stores have set prices I don’t mind paying with my card. So I ended up cutting my shopping trip short after going to Mood and went to the Museum at FIT to kill time before I had to go home. 

I went to Mood because I just love how organized it is. Also, I love how I’m guaranteed to be paying for what I’m getting. I don’t have to worry that someone is trying to sell me blends rather than pure textiles. I have a thing about synthetics and I like knowing that I won’t have to do a burn test.

 I got 5 yards of this blue cotton sateen-I finally found a color that matched some fabric I got a loooongg time ago. Its a blue, beige, and white polished cotton home decor fabric that I got at Walmart in California. It the perfect weight for a Victorian skirt and I absolutely love it. I could not find a solid fabric that matched the blue and I saw this cotton sateen in a pile on the cutting counter and its perfect. I got 5 yards for the bodice and the bustle overskirt-it will be separate from the striped underskirt.

I also got 1 yard of a beautiful double face maroon wool-that will be a cape/shawl for my Civil War Camp Dress. Its the perfect color and its so soft and warm-but it’s still light enough to not be heavy and bulky. It was really expensive-40$/ yard so I only got one. It was a full 60″ wide and the guy was really nice and went in from the edge about 5″ because it was all choppy from people pulling swatches.

I also found a set of buttons that I loved for my Civil War Camp Dress.  I got tons for my civil war outfit-large for the cape and fichu, medium for the skirt, small for the bodice and the blouse, and extra small for the cuffs and collar.


I also got a bunch of thread and other notions at a random shop because it was really cheap. I stopped in at Bead World and M&J Trimmings to scope out some stuff for my Tudor gown-nothing bought but I got some great ideas for layering trim and beads.

I’m taking a trip to a bunch of fabric stores over break though for some new projects I had in mind and the fabric for my Tudor Gown, which I’m really excited to start working on.


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